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Valérie de Halleux & Antonella Lacatena
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Alicia Dekoninck

A gender story is part of the GET UP (Gender Equality Training to overcome Unfair discrimination Practices in education and labour market) project funded by the DG JUSTICE through the REC (Rights Equality and Citizenship) Program of the EU Commission.

The project aims to address the stereotyping of educational and career choices and to promote gender equality in education, training, career guidance and at the workplace. The project has launched the GET UP Campaign - a transversal initiative aimed at raising awareness on the effects of gender discrimination to empower girls and boys in making the right – not-gendered – choice about their future life, studies and work. Additionally, GET UP has designed a capacity building process on gender equality to better support teachers, guidance professionals, recruiters and HR managers in guaranteeing equal opportunities for men and women.

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