A gender story is an interactive graphic novel that tackles gender stereotypes and discrimination, by raising awareness on how these can negatively affect girls’ and women’s, boys and men educational choices and career progression. Specifically designed for teenagers, the tool combines interactive storytelling with quizzes about gender inequalities in the EU. The objective is to inform and raise awareness about the subject, clearly showing how this lead to waste of talent, gender pay gap and lack of work life balance solutions.

A gender story is part of the GET UP (Gender Equality Training to overcome Unfair discrimination Practices in education and labour market) project which aims to address the stereotyping of educational and career choices and to promote gender equality in education, training, career guidance and at the workplace. It is focused on the transition phases of the education-training-labour market chain through which usually gender discriminations and reduced opportunities for girls become reality.

More info on  www.getupproject.eu

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